Susan Zienty

Susan Zienty

TLC Tips

In an effort to elevate the act of dress, garments are produced with a slow fashion mentality & a forever use in mind. Your Susan Zienty custom if properly treasured can very well be a favorite of your heir's, as well.

1 Avoid situations where staining can occur. Sometimes compromise because she looks cute when she dances.

2 To press out creases, iron medium high heat with no steam. Use a pressing cloth for silks to reduce risk of overheating.

3 Steamer may be used at minimum of 3" from face of fabric. Water can cause discoloration. Think running mascara, but silky girl version.

4 Store away from direct sunlight.

5 Dry clean at a reputable provider. If stain occurs, dry clean asap. Maybe use as excuse to skip next dreaded social outing.

Silky girls need love, too.


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